The team that leads you to studying in USA

The LV Prospects team helps ambitious athletes and students on the way towards studying in USA. Because the school system in USA is much different from the European school system, we thoroughly explain it and we also describe the possibility of athletic performance at universities to each individual who is interested. (read more about school system in the USA).

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The process of applying to a foreign university can be very complicated and troublesome, which is why we are here to help on every step of the way. We offer advice on the choice of the university, and our connections and experiences with performing in the NCAA give the opportunity to help you get a sport scholarship. We will also help you out with all steps of the application and get you ready for the SAT and TOEFL.

Why LV Prospects?

We offer help with choosing the best university for you (regarding the location, size, interests, and many other factors)

We lead you through the application process, help you write a motivational letter, and fill out and send all the forms in time, etc.

We help you find a suitable scholarship, which can drastically reduce your fees

We offer intensive preparations for the SAT and TOEFL tests. Your test scores are very important and can help you get a higher scholarship.

We establish connections between athletes and coaches. We are in contact with many coaches and know what they are looking for.

We help you with the application process, because it differs from university to university and from one sport discipline to the other.

We are doing our best to help each and every one of you to get a scholarship. However, we cannot guarantee it. What we can guarantte is to increase the chances as much as possible for you to get a scholarship. We can achieve this together, by working hard and having the best intentions possible.

A team of winners

We are a team of young, ambitious and determined people who wants to help with making everyone’s dreams come true. To study in USA can be an incredible opportunity, which opens the door to a whole new world of experience. We encourage everybody to think big not only about the obstacles that are somehow always in the way. With our knowledge and experiences, we can help and advise you on the way to USA. We can also lead gifted students with high academic scores and exceptional athletic results to a full scholarship. #EducationForWinners

Luka Vončina

Luka Vončina

Founder and CEO of LV Prospects

Luka is one of the few Slovenians, who had the chance to perform in the strongest student league in the USA – NCAA D1. He still plays professionally in Europe.
Using his experience and connections, he wants to make it possible for young athletes to find themselves in his place. He performed and studied at University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he learned how important it is to combine school and sports. This is why he wants to pass his knowledge and experience to a younger generation and let them know that you can achieve anything if you are determined enough. He also wants them to learn about the school system in USA.

Lisa-Ana Mislej

Lisa-Ana Mislej

Director of SAT and TOEFL preparations

Lisa has graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, in English and German. She is currently writing her Master thesis for both languages, after which she will become an EFL and DAF teacher. She has a lot of experience in teaching and translating. Apart from English and German, Lisa also speaks Italian, French and Swedish. During her free time, she likes to dance ballet and play golf. With a deep understanding of the English language, she can prepare the students for the SAT and TOEFL tests and help them get a higher score.

Martin Lovšin

Martin Lovšin

tutor and scholarship counselor

Martin is finishing his study of biotechnology at the Biotechnological Faculty, University of Ljubljana. He is a math tutor for the SAT tests, because he is an excellent speaker of English and excels at mathematics. He has been involved with basketball and soccer for the last 10 years. With his knowledge about the school system in USA and experience in sports, he can give very useful advice to young athletes and students.

Maja Jeranko

Maja Jeranko

TOEFL tutor

Maja has graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, in English and sociology. She is currently doing her Master’s at the University of Florida. During her volunteering job at Costa Rica, where she taught English, she found herself fascinated with the Spanish language, which she, apart from English and German, fluently speaks. With her broad scope of interests and a deep understanding of formal and informal English, she will help students achieve great results at the TOEFL test.

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