Are you a prospective student athlete? There’s an athletic scholarship waiting for you at a U.S. university!

USA colleges make it possible for prospective athletes to both continue their athletic path at a high level as well as thrive at school and get a university education! School and sports are very well connected at American universities. College coaches have the possibility to offer athletic scholarships, with which they can award prospective athletes who are also successful at school. Getting a scholarship is a privilege and studying in the U.S. is an incredible experience!

What does athletic scholarship cover?

An athletic scholarship can be full (covering 100% costs) or partial (50%, 75%, etc.), which only covers a part of all costs. In both cases, there is a lot of money that the coach is prepared to invest in you according to your athletic and academic results.

Full athletic scholarship covers:

  • Tuition costs

  • Housing costs

  • Food costs

  • Books and school equipment costs

  • Lots of benefits, exclusive to student athletes

Partial athletic scholarship covers:

A partial scholarship covers a part of the yearly costs at college. Yearly costs vary from college to college, but usually they cost between $20,000 and $50,000, so the partial scholarships come in different combinations. Some coaches offer you the amount of scholarship, which covers EVERYTHING except housing. Others can offer you a scholarship that will cover the tuition costs and school supplies, but you will have to cover housing and food on your own or with the help of your family.

There are many combinations because athletic scholarships vary according to different sports. With some sports, coaches have a bigger number of scholarships to offer and some have less. There is a difference between head-count sports and equivalency sports, which means how the coaches can manage scholarships. For each sport, there are some sort of frames that coaches have to abide by. More about college sports which can earn you a scholarship here. Contact us and we will be happy to help tou get an athletic scholarship.

Benefits that student athletes get to their scholarship

  • An almost unlimited amount of sports equipment

    Each team gets a lot of clothes and equipment (T-shirts, tracksuits, sneakers, etc.), so you will never have to worry about getting equipment.

  • Excellent training conditions

    Colleges offer amazing training facilities at the highest level. From gyms, stadiums, swimming pools to fitness studios, conference rooms, etc.

  • Traveling across the U.S.

    College teams travel a lot. Of course it depends on the sport you play, but each and every team travels around USA. Some by planes, some by team busses, but all athletes travel across a great portion of the United States.

  • Help with studying

    Coaches are aware of the importance of education. This is why student athletes are offered special study rooms (close to gyms and stadiums), where they can either study alone or with the help of a tutor.