SAT Prep

Intensive SAT prep with LV Prospects

SAT® Reasoning Test is a standardized test, which is crucial for applying to university in the US. It is a test with two sections: evidence-based reading and writing, and mathematics. At each section, it is possible to achieve 800 points, altogether 1600 points.

Because the SATs are an academic basis for studying in the USA, our instructors at LV Prospects help you to get ready for the test and get better results. The better your results, the higher chances you have of getting accepted to a good university.

Our instructors, all with university education, and years of experience in standardized test preparation, have a deep understanding of the English language and the structure of the SAT. They will be of great help while you are studying and practicing for the test.

Intenzivne priprave na SAT izpit pri LV Prospects

LV Prospects SAT Prep includes:

LV Prospects file with all test information

Detailed explanation of each section and type of task in the test

Test simulation with feedback information about test results

To-do list for official test day

Instructors reachable 24/7

Possibility of extra individual lessons

30 hours of intensive test prep – 15 for each test section

Infinite extra materials

Problem-solving strategies

“Step-by-step” help with online application

Adjusting timetables with each student individually

Ask out instructors about SAT prep or simulation

and they will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Prep course plan and prices

Group preparations begin 6 weeks prior to the official test date and last for 30 hours (15 for evidence-based reading and writing and 15 hours for mathematics). The price is 350 EUR. The preparations are done in small groups (up to 5 students). This way, our instructors can dedicate their time to each individual and help them improve the results of each section. During preparations, the instructors will go through the theory behind each section and explain the types of tasks given in the test.

We also offer individual SAT preparations (also 30 hours), which make it possible for the instructors to concentrate only on one individual and work with them according to their own level of English. This way, our instructors get more insight on how each individual ticks and they can prepare a very personal course. After completing all 30 individual hours of prep, they can try themselves out at an SAT simulation. The price for individual preparations is 490 EUR.

After completing the 30-hour prep, one week before the official test, we offer students a test simulation so they can try themselves out and see how much the preparations were helpful. Our instructors them count the points and give them feedback information about the results. This way they still have one week remaining to study and improve.

NOTE: A bi tukaj kaj predstavili SKYPE opcijo individualnih priprav (in se tudi pozanimali kako bi se tega lahko lotili skupinsko)

SAT simulation

The SAT simulation takes place one week before the official exam. In the LV Prospects office, we prepare the same conditions as on the official exam. Everybody can give it a try, especially if you want to test your knowledge right before the official test and see what you have to work on the last week before the real deal. The simulation is included in the SAT Prep price, but if you just want to try the simulation, it costs 30 EUR. What’s included in this price? Taking the test (approximately 4 hours), results and statistics of your results in less than three days. If you want to, you can also meet up with our instructors for feedback and their opinion.

Would you like to join us at the SAT simulation?

Ene izmed prvih SAT simulacij pri LV Prospects!

Would you like to join us at SAT Prep?

Our instructors will be happy to help you get the best results possible!

“I was very happy with the way SAT Prep at LV Prospects is designed. I think that, without their help, my SAT results would be much worse.”

Jure P.Januar 2015