Determined and ambitious students are rewarded with academic scholarships in USA!

USA prides itself with a huge amount of renowned universities, where each and every student can find something suitable for them (according to field of studies, location and size of university, etc.).At the same time, a university can offer you an academic scholarship after they see your GPA and standardized testing results. A variety of study fields and an encouraging study environment give students the opportunity to achieve incredible results and get an amazing life experience. A university degree is an the best basis for building your dream career.

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Am I suitable for an academic scholarship?

  • Excellent grades in school

    All of your high school grades are one of the most important points when being considered for an academic scholarship.

  • Standardized tests (SAT or ACT and TOEFL or IELTS)

    As well as your general success in school, standardized tests play a big role. If your results are good enough, they can earn you an academic scholarship.

  • Application essay

    Each university demands an application essay. This way, they can get to know you better and decide whether you are suitable for a scholarship or not.

  • Extracurricular activities

    Everything that you do when not at school, counts. Foreign languages, sports, instruments, choir, charity work, art, etc. All of your hobbies tell something about you and your personality, which can contribute very much to getting an academic scholarship.

  • Letters of recommendation

    The opinions of other people who know you well also contribute a great deal. Letters of recommendation can persuade the university that you truly deserve an academic scholarship.

Academic scholarships:

American universities offer academic scholarships to model students. Academic scholarships can be full or partial. The most important thing when considering an academic scholarship are, of course, academic results. Getting a full academic scholarship is the dream for every student, which makes a very tough competition. A full scholarship covers all costs of studying, which is why it pays off to give your best at school, get excellent grades, good test results and do some extracurricular activities.

Financial aid:

Because the costs of studying at an American college can be very high (at the most prestigeous universities, they can be up to $60,000 per year), many students simply cannot afford to study. Universities are aware of that, which is why a lot of them offer financial aid to international students. This can lower the costs of studying greatly, especially in combination with an academic scholarship. The university also divides a certain amount of money between students who have been accepted. The amount of financial aid that a student can get, depends on the student’s academic results and the financial capabilities of his/her family. Some universities can even cover the whole yearly tuition of a student with financial aid – but these are mostly the prestigeous universities, which have more money to offer. Because these are very selective when coosing candidates for financial aid, every student’s academic results are the most important thing when being considered for it.

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