All the information on scholarships at universities in USA!

Studying in USA can be very expensive. Universities have high tuitions, which cost between $20,000 and $50,000 per year. However, there are many possibilities to get a scholarship, which can fully or at least partly cover your studying costs. Universities especially offer many scholarships for international students, academically exceptional students and successful athletes. So don’t hesitate and ask the LV Prospects team what your choices are and what you can do to earn a scholarship in USA!

Athletic Scholarships

What is an athletic scholarship?

College coaches in the U.S. can offer an athletic scholarship to prospective athletes that coaches wish to have in their team.

Who can get an athletic scholarship?

Everyone who is seriously playing any sport and is successful at it, and is at the same time achieving good results at school, can get an athletic scholarship.

Which sports offer scholarships?

The amount of college sports that offer scholarships is huge, and there are many scholarships for prospective athletes. More abour college sports here.

What are my chances of getting an athletic scholarship?

If you start the process of searching for an athletic scholarship soon enough, there are loads of universities and coaches who are prepared to offer you an athletic scholarship. During the process, you should have enough time for the coaches to get to know you, and to study and pass all the most important tests.

Academic Scholarships

What is an academic scholarship?

Universities can offer successful and ambitious students academic scholarships and help them pay for their studies.

Who can get an academic scholarship?

Each and every student. The most important criteria are, of course, academic results from school.

When should I start searching fir an academic scholarship?

Applying to U.S. colleges is a long process, which is even longer and more complicated for international students, so we advise you to start as early as possible. You have to study for and pass at least to tests (SAT and TOEFL), choose suitable universities, apply to them on time, then you can start applying for scholarships and looking for financial aid.